Thursday, August 03, 2006

千百四十三:薬 (><) + CLICK

click (the movie).. is great! we thought it was a comedy. it was.. until the story progressed. dunno if i should put any spoilers here? but .. enjoyed it tremendously.and i managed to guess the identity of the scientist Morty directly at the start of the show! wahaha.reading david eddings does help. hoho. well done adam sandler.

i was reading the wikipedia entry on on Adam Sandler and did you noe he was slated to act in charlie and the chocolate factory but johnny depp won the role in the end?? if the producers had that gayish image in mind when they selected the actor then, i don't think adam sandler suited that role at all. johnny depp, on the other hand, has that sorta feminine features that allow him to star in both masculine and feminine roles without losing his credibility? and check out adam sandler's website : http://www.adamsandler.com/

i realised i've missed the Benchwarmers last month? but that one stars rob schneider, not adam sandler so i guess the interest wasnt really there. for a guy with so many funny movies, the quality of each is surprisingly good.

finally went to the doctor's this morning. she said i had an allergy, but she didn't say to what, and i have no clue still. so she gave me some medicine, a nasal spray and the medicine works. although my throat is really dry now. bordering on sore throat. ...

and met jaclyn for dinner, we went billy bombers. chatted all sorts again.. :) discussions about the tragedy of today's teenagers moral downfall and all sorts of weird stuff. haha..

i wished it was already friday.


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