Monday, August 07, 2006

千百四十六:Osaka Self-Entertainment

i went to study at the library today. so guai!! HAHA. cos i didnt want to be at home alone with his parents so i left in the morning with him at like 7.39am? and nothing was open yet, and the earliest place to be open was the library. so i had prepared my books there, and its been so long since i just sat down and studied totally with no distractions.

Osaka nakanojima Library

this is the library.. its a colonial-styled building.. roman-styled ? with alot of pillars..

and because we were not allowed food / drinks in, only what we needed. we were given locker keys and matching table numbers assigned to your locker number, in typical japanese efficiency and we had to bring up our things in our hands or in a clear folder. -.- and the PC room, i couldn't use, cos i had to show some ID with proof of address (in case u do something wrong i guess) and the rules were quite strict, no emails, no chatting etc. and there weren't much ENglish books, i only managed to find a English copy of Newsweek after wandering around and i almost fell asleep twice while reading my text. zzzz. but ok la. it was realy conducive for studying. i finished my chapters so fast i was surprised it was only noon? and i didn't want to read finish everything else i had nothing to do the next few weeks. hmm.

so i left the library at lunch 1+? and went to run errands.. to buy the stuff i actually came here for. haha. had bought this full day metro pass so i intended to use it wisely.


One-day Subway pass IMG_0740

as u can see. the card has all the stations i entered/exited printed at the back.. and each trip is minimum 200 yen so its a total bargain! wahahah! and i finished the left half of the osaka subway map! haha. i finally visited the Tamade station:


hehe. it was actually a boring station, suburban area? but the weather was scorching and very clear skies.
Outside Tamade Station
very nice hor? the sky i mean..

but at least i finally seen it!

hmm the rest of the trip was station surfing. the route went to the osaka bay / port area. and i walked to world trade center in the scorching sun. :x almost died. the building is actually quite cool from the exterior.

WTC Osaka

nice huh?

yah i went in, got stuck in the arcade playing medal game for 2 hours (and wasted money (><) .. Haiz... and then went to meet my boy for dinner. hee. most fun part of the day actually. i dun like to move around alone, no one to share beautiful things u see on the way or to take pics with. (^-^)

tomorrow studying again. zzZ . nitez.


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