Sunday, August 06, 2006

千百四十五:where my heart belongs

i am now addicted to paparazzi blogs. check this one out.


very aptly, the blog is named celebrity terrorist. all the lastest gossip about the celebrities! don't u just love reading how they are only human and mess up their lives despite earning tons and having almost everything you would want to have in your life?

there's this other one oso.. she has a blogroll of all other good paparazzi sites but unfortunately, she herself has stopped writing.


yup yup, i have executed my plan. he was very much surprised (hopefully happy too) and luckily i was't hit by any surprises. phew. the flight was pretty tiring. because the planes were very full ? advice : don't fly on weekends.

during the first leg, i was seated to this MCP korean. his folks (Old people) were seating behind me and kept pushing my seat. u noe how uncomfortable you get when people keep jabbing your seat from behind? and they kept jabbering away in very loud voices. haiz. i don't like people talking loudly in tight and public spaces. and i had to endure the PDA show the thai couple was giving in front of me. and there were a bunch of very chio thai he-shes who were parading up and down the aisle. haiz. the korean guy next to me treated my space like his space. ie, open his arms wide when he was spreading his blanket (and hitting me of cos) and open his legs wide so that i have to like keep to one side of my seat? ARGH! dinner was quite.. bad. i ordered chicken, the man next to me oso ordered chicken, we got fish lei. we didnt compare of cos, i sneaked a look at his after i tasted fish on mine and i was like wondering, ay? but his turned out to be the same. hmm.

and the 2nd leg. Thai airport was a mess. there were so many people! and the gate was changed and i didn't know until i realised i couldn't see my flight on the board and had to ask someone.there was some japanese guy missing from another japan flight and they kept announcing his name but he didn't show up. in the end, the flight was announced delayed. for that one guy. wow. and i wanted to wash my face (my face felt very icky after the flight) and i couldn't find any shop selling towel. and only on the plane, i realised i had checked in my facial foam. grr. and i was seated beside an old man this time. luckily both times i was given aisle seats. and thai didnt have inflight entertainment! this being a night flight, the captain shut off all tvs to "let us have some sleep" and so, i had no reason to stay awake so instead just tried to sleep. grr. but the breakfast was not bad. thai styled fried noodles. i actually finished it. it was a good move packing my toothbrush on my carry on, i was feeling super icky by then. brush teeth, washed up, and my face was still looking horrendous from the facial so had to cover up abit. (T.T) sadz..

but aniway, i am here le! hooray! yodobashi games section has shifted to the basement, hmm wonder wat the 5th flr became. yup yupz. happy to see this place again. my heart totally belongs here liao ...


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