Tuesday, August 08, 2006

千百四十七:Rose Garden 中の島バラ園

i have uploaded alot of photos of the past 2 days .. :)

Osaka trip

and i went to a rose garden today!

everyday i have walked home that route from the office in february and i have never noticed that there was a sign that says "バラ園”バラ=bara=rose in japanese. weird hor?!


the entrance and there was a map of the garden..

Map of the Rose Garden

the path of roses (on the left), there was a atria of roses in the middle and then a courtyard of roses. hehe. it sounds very big, but actually it wasn't. but the path was pretty long.

this is my personal favourite pic of all the flowers i snapped today.

my personal favourite

this is known as the chiffon. they looked the most beautiful in the whole garden... and still blooming most of them, whereas most of the other species were either full liao and withering or already all dead. hmmmm. like this.

full bloom & already withering

see what i mean? but its pretty cool . i have never seen a whole garden full of roses b4 and its really a very very serene place to be wandering around by myself and to chance upon on such a fine day.

i went to the library again today.. and i stayed there until 3pm. wahah. i can't believe it too. cos firstly, i can't leave the library for lunch w/o returning my locker key, which in turn meaning i will lose my seat since i like it alot, and there were many people coming in, and i was forced to sit there until 3pm. b4 i really couldn't cram anymore stuff into my head liao. luckily, his mom makes these wonderful breakfasts every morning. rice, soup and some meat, salad, and somemore carbo. damn filling and i always feel like i am going to puke when i am leaving the house. luckily, i didn't and it sustained me the whole day until 5pm? in the end didn't have to eat lunch liao, just ate dinner and came back. hoho. save money ..

back to the books again tomorrow. not bad.. i actually quite remember the differentiation stuff i learnt in JC. its actually just revising, these things i been reading the past few days, that's why so easy i guess.

i saw a pamphlet for a 3month-validity Museum entrance pass (<- click to see the website!), due to promotion of their culture and boosting visitor count of these places (?) and it only costs 1000 yen (like $13? ) and includes entry to 18 museums, all counted for le. and most of them are in osaka! so .. i am going to go as soon as i finish the book. hoho.


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