Saturday, August 12, 2006


the zoo!

yah i finally satisfied a long time urge of going to the zoo. the Tennoji Zoo in osaka that is. it was.. abit boring.

1. i was alone.
2. the zoo was quite empty.
3. not alot of animals (think some part was under construction)
4. it was scorching hot. :x

but.. i did see some nice animals.. the ones i liked best.. were the elephant and the polar bear.

thai elephant
polar bear

the poor polar bear was in an outdoors enclosure. OUTDOORS!!! in the heat of 37℃!! i was surprised it hasnt fainted. but it was pacing around and after like 5 min, it jumped into the moat. poor thing.

and.. saw penguins with feathers.

baby penguin with feathers still

this means they are still babies right? and since half of their feathers are like gone, i guess it means that they are growing up bah.

and then after that i went to the museums. the Osaka Art Museum, also at Tennoji, was having an exhibition borrowed some world famous works from Prado, the Spanish Museum.

museo de prado

unfortunately, photos are not allowed in the museum. sighz.

went to the osaka peace center after that..

Osaka International Peace Centre

once again, no photos in the venue allowed. :( but this is one of the more comprehensive war exhibitions i have seen in japan. at least it went into detail about what the japanese soldiers did in the Southeast Asian region during WWII and even showed samples of the history textbooks that spoke of the Jap's treatment of the Malaysians, Indonesians, Singaporeans etc. good that they are improving their history education of their people liao.

after that.. went to the entrepreneur's museum.

Osaka Entrepreneur's Museum

and i finally understood who was the inventor of the Cup Noodles!
Nissin Founder

tada! presenting mr Ando Momofuku.

the instant chicken ramen which became the Cup noodle

and his inventions.

hoho. had a very educational day. used up 4 coupons from my museum pass book liao. going to earn the rest next week.

went bowling today, i was very very lousy. i think u will be shocked when u see the scores. -.- so embarrasing. i realli dunno how to bowl liao. argh.


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