Thursday, August 10, 2006

千百四十九:35℃& rising

wah . the temperature hit a high of 35℃ today. actually that's only in osaka. somewhere else in japan, i saw on the news, was 39℃.


can't imagine how the people wearing suits feel.

this morning, i left as usual with Ryo in the morning. had planned to go museum or 天橋立 (amanohashidate - one of japan's 3 most beautiful places). at 天橋立、if you look at the view both the right side up or upside down, the amazing thing is that they look the same. hard to believe huh? i will go and tell u whether it's true.

the other 2 of the 3 most beautiful places (known as 日本三景)are:
1. Miyajima 宮島 (at Hiroshima) => i went le haha, the red temple gate in the sea
2. Matsushima 松島 (at Miyagi Prefecture) => famous for the group of islets all covered with pine trees..

will go to the last one one day. (preferably within the next year) heh.

oh yah. as i was saying. its so hot i sorta just pushed all my plans outta my head. i even bought the museum pass liao, but the thought of having to walk in the sun just made me feel faint. in the end, came back to the house, luckily someone was in, and i just spent the rest of the morning watching a kimu taku drama. 空から降る一億の星 (the smile has left your eyes) the english title doesnt do any justice to the Japanese title, which actually means "the billion stars will fall from the sky". very engrossing show so far. kimura'S character so far has been quite an enigma, i don't know whether to hate him or to be seduced. go watch if u got the chance. the drama was released by Fuji Tv in 2002. (thanks jac for telling me bout it!)

and then in the afternoon, took a nap and perspired until the pillow was wet. yah. and the futon oso. it was that that that hot that i woke up with a headache. argh. in the evening, his mom came in and we chatted and i showed her photos of our travels. hoho. gain some points i hope.

okie. tomorrow i must at least go to 5 of the museums. nite nite.


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