Thursday, August 17, 2006

千百五十三:日本ドラマについて About Japanese Dramas

Japanese dramas are really good at making people cry. Happy tears, tears because you are so touched, or tears of sadness for the trauma that the characters are undergoing. Of cos when you see your idol crying, you definitely feel like crying oso… (T.T)
It’s really the 鼻子一酸 kind of feeling and then you can’t help but really start bawling.

Yesterday at the library, I realized I could use my laptop. With no internet connection, but it definitely helped, since I was able to watch dramas that I had dlded in the first few days I had been here but had had no time (no chance) to watch for the past week. Hero, A billion stars fall from the sky (空から降る一億の星), Beautiful Life, and Good Luck. I had been watching Good Luck on my house PC before I came and I wanted to know the ending so I had no choice but to download all over again in my laptop to watch.

So yesterday, was trying to learn javascript (since I was in the library and had my PC to try), and was playing the 空 drama as well. Supposed to be in the background, and it was a murder/thriller/psycho drama? And in the end of cos I spent most of my time watching it rather than learning. Wahaha. but I finished the whole show yesterday. All 11 episodes! The show is rather disturbing and I dunno wat to think of it. The ending was very sad, and yah, I did wanted to cry (since my鼻子一酸) but I was in the library and I didn’t want to be reprimanded or be told off in anyway for misusing their electricity (watching dramas don’t really count as library serious work I should think?) so I was like alt-tabbing and trying to 忍 not to let any tears come out. Only sniffled, but man!!!! This is the first time I see in any drama that Kimura Takuya is sort of the bad guy and that he died, he actually died. It was disturbing, to have his image in my heart sorta tarnished. -.- but it at least proves that he is a good actor. Haiz.

If u can dl / get the vcd/ dvd, go watch. Very different from the morale-boosting shows u always see him act in as the hero, this one even involves incest. -.- and him being a playboy. A lot of sex and manipulation and of cos deaths. Suicides, murders, psychotic obsessive lovers (the kind who will stalk u and hurt everyone u associate with or hurt herself to make u like her more).. I think my face was very obvious when it was a 緊張 part, cos suddenly I would look up and see the people at the table staring at me in amusement. And I would also gasp at some parts (u noe murder mysteries la) .. abit paiseh. Hehe. But very terrible ending. Terrible as in.. sad . not that its not a fitting ending just that I wished it hadn’t been such a dark show.

So I stayed in the library until 8pm last nite, until Ryo came back from Tokyo then went to meet him and go home together. Towards the end, I was getting bored, and was actually playing spider solitaire. Its damn difficult lor!

And I discovered a Mister Donuts here! For the past week I had been like leaving the library to have lunch at only 4pm so that I dun have to come back again. But since I discovered Mister Donuts the day b4, I have been tabooing doughnuts to have lunch here ( I dun like to eat bento .. cold rice and cold fried chicken which has turned hard and soggy are not oishii at all. ) finally. dun need to starve myself everyday.

Hmm any more news? Oh yeah, typhoon No. 10 is coming. Typhoon number 7 past us last week, the nearest typhoon to have reached Osaka this year but it skimmed off the coast of Wakayama and went straight to Tokyo. So all we got was wind and a relief from the stagnant scorching weather. Which was great. So Number 10 is hitting Kyushu today but will be rolling towards Korea. Last night it was very windy. But the air was still hot air. Yuck. Oh and typhoon No. 10, its name is Wukong. Hehe.

I think I just found my perfect house. We were discussing how I can’t stay at his place the next time I visit, because I have to loiter outside until evening b4 I can head back home so as not to inconvenience his parents (if I am at home they can’t go out and leave me at home apparently .. ) and Its only been one week? And its really tiring and money consuming. You noe if u outside then u have to eat outside etc. and the tendency to spend money if u are outside oso. And I can’t like wash my underwear etc openly cos I can’t hang my stuff in people’s house right ? where got anyone in their right mind will bring 22 pieces of underwear for everyday that they are here?? So wat I’m doing now is secretly wash when I bathe quite late in the evening (luckily the laundry area is outside the bathroom) and then hang my laundry somewhere discreet in his room so that when it’s dry in the morning I can just remove it b4 they see it. That has been working well so far. One more thing, there is no privacy. Jap style houses are like sliding doors right ? so the doors of the room are like wide open and I can’t close it cos I scared I will offend them or wat. And the dad sits right at the corner where he can see into almost the whole bedroom and what I am doing. Very irritating!!

oh. But I digress. So we decided to just look around for an apartment or what for the next time I’m here and we found this place that was still under construction but will be finished in October this year. It’s a 2-story block of apartments ? like.. 12 units joined together, each unit has 2 levels. So the first level is a living / dining room, with 2 more rooms, and a flight of stairs that lead to a loft on the 2nd level. Very cool hor! The 2nd level is actually just that loft / attic area. The whole room size is about 50 metre squares? I think. And its only like 15 min from his parent’s place (15 min walk) with the rent being in his budget and best thing is that its new lor!! Hoho. I going to take a look later (at the construction area bah) and take some pics to show and to evaluate whether it really is as good as I think. Woohoo!! So exciting!! The only minus is that its parking lot is so ex. In japan, u have to pay for a parking space (even if the parking space belongs to ur apartment!) and the space’s price is quite atrocious. Its 18,000 yen per month which is like S$250++? -.- never mind. Will go see first.

Oh yah, by the way, I typed this entry in the afternoon so if u are only reading this at nite (cos I have no internet now and can only publish this entry at nite), please forgive me if it sounds weird.

So happy!!! New house!!

Time now: 1435
I just finished watching Good Luck and I’m sniffling in the library again! (T.T) so touching. After the crisis of safely landing in the power failure crisis, the tears came as a sign of relief that everyone was safe and sound. Phew. And when the ice man finally broke down his icy exterior and said thank you to kimura takuya, it was just so touching to see these 2 men become friends at last. And at the end when the stewardess and the iceman got back together after her long wait and her constant support of him despite his psychological barriers after the first crash, it made me cry again. (cos the stewardess was crying oso.. in happiness I think. ) oh. In Japan, stewardess is called CA. Cabin Attendant. Interesting hor.

time now: 1851
sitting in the playground and leeching someone's wireless broadband. his dad hasnt come back and i have resort to doing this. i have walked around looking for the house, and i saw 2 being built i hope its the nicer one, the one almost completed. cos the other one.. seems.. dubious. hmm.


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