Tuesday, August 15, 2006

千百五十二 : New Oriental Hotel

i am staying in a hotel tonight. was staying at his place for the past week. but today, he went on business trip (tonite) so i had to stay in a hotel or else i be home alone with his dad. i actually dun see wat's wrong with that, but think his dad is uncomfortable with it. haiz.

but aniwayz.here i am. the room is quite small but ok cheap la. near the city, bout 5000 yen for tonight, has a 20inch AQUOS Sharp lcd Plasma tv. wahah! the tv is the best thing in this small room. but ok la. i enjoy the privacy. have had no privacy for the past week and had to loiter around until evening for the past week and it was damn tiring. and to sleep on the futon oso. have not been sleeping well. i dunno why, but last nite i woke up every hour? i was very dizzy this morning when it was time to wake up and i even actually fell asleep in the library.

so the earliest change i had, i left the library,went to thai airways (the ticketing office was super near the library, another plus!) and i found out that... it was possible to change my air tix to sunday morning. BUT. the Bangkok - Singapore leg had no seats!! for the whole day! there were five flights for sunday and all were full. -.- stupid. but if i fly on sat, i would miss one precious day with him! argh. maybe i'll just sit at kansai airport until sunday nite after he's left for his europe trip on sunday afternoon. and fly then cos Monday morning, seats are still available from Bangkok to Singapore. .. have to ask him first bah.

so i came to the hotel at bout 4pm, happily settled in with my PC (got LAN broadband access in all rooms yay!) and played around trying to implement those homepage stuff i was reading in the library. hoho. when i am ready i will show u bah.

have to wake up early tomorrow again. ciaoz


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