Wednesday, August 23, 2006

千百五十九:housewife life

experienced the life of a housewife yesterday.

cooked breakfast. made Metaiko pasta (明太子パスタ), something like fish roe? its a japanese styled pasta dish, dun need anything besides pasta, fish roe and butter. very convenient yet delicious dish! here's an old photo of the dish:

fish roe & basil w macaroni

and made toast, coffee as well.

woke him up, laid out the dishes and got ready everything for him to eat

we had breakfast, watched morning news

he finished and continued to get ready

sent him to the door, goodbye kiss.. hee..

i finished up breakfast, watched weird jap news on tv for another hour ? there's news bout the Colarado child kidnapper/murderer caught from 10 years ago and the jap media are making a big deal out of it. they even have onsite reporters in US speaking to the public asking for their opinion.


cleared up the table, put dishes in the sink and snuggled under the blankets with my pC to chat with xq. the tv shows on seems to be mostly tv shopping programs now. b4 long.. was in zzz land. (#-.-#)

12 noon:
received call from him (which woke me up), asking me if i was in.. he was going to Tokyo for the afternoon for some meetings and wanted me to pick up his laptop when he past by on the way to the airport. so i saw him for a few seconds, goodbye kiss at the lift, and was in my room thinking i wanna zzz again. haha.

tried to sleep as my head was still groggy but was thinking that it seemed piggy, so in the end, i got up and microwaved the leftover breakfast for lunch. watched Hero and its so interesting! i wonder if they got the idea for the game Phoenix Wright 逆転裁判 from this show. i guess most people enjoy a good court mystery and the fight for 正義 righteousness.

washed up all dishes at one go.. -.- then washed the towels by hand (the coin laundry is like $2 per use!), made the bed, vacuumed the room, tidied up everything.

heavy rain. argh. had wanted to go get some food for tomorrow's breakfast. so i took a bath instead.

getting ready to go out when rain stopped. hmm.

took out the garbage. confirmed with him dinner plans. had wanted to go meet him and was at Dainichi station when he said to meet at Yodobashi instead. Dainichi is the interchange station to the Osaka MOnorail which goes to the Osaka Airport.

Osaka Monorail

and the weather after the rain yesterday was pretty good. not warm, just windy and cool.


so i had 2-3 hours to kill before he would be back.

went to the supermarket, got eggs and sausages. went to the tv section in yodobashi and got a TV rack catalog. he's very interested in getting a larger than 40" tv, and true enuff, he was happy to take a look at the catalog during dinner.

he's back! we ended up having dim sum buffet dinner and a pair of gay guys were at the same table at us. they kept whispering in each other's ears and i felt really uncomfortable, cos they were the sissy type. determined not to be affected, just tried to look everywhere but at them. grr. we had so much to eat ( i had alot, cos he kept pushing things he couldn't finish to me) resulting in me being barely to walk due to a stitch in my midsection after the meal. *groans*

home sweet home. back in the room.. and he started on his work. he wants me to read some stuff for him from the US subsidiary, and then to check and edit his reply to that side. i like it when he asks me for my opinion or discusses his work stuff with me, cos its then that i feel he actually respects and needs me as an equal, not just a girl.

while reading his work stuff, was online at the same time. the dumb comments on the tagboard bothered me, i'll admit, and i decided to ask him. he looked shocked and he said "forced??!" and he started laughing. -.- i was like "yah.. if i didn't quarrel, ask u about the future etc, would u have proposed?"

he said, "if u weren't so active, took so much initiative, i would think much less of u. because thats the u i like." hee hee hee!! so sweet!! and he also said, yah, it was horrible to quarrel, but when i did, it made him think about issues he didn't considered b4 and he was sometimes glad we did quarrel cos it made things much clearer for him. it was a nice talk last nite, and he said he knows how hard i am trying, but i have to be understanding of his family who is super old-fashioned. n he said he needed a wife who will support him so that he can give his full focus in his job to perform well for the sake of the family and i felt quite touched in my heart.

yay yay yay! he made me feel alot alot alot more confident of us last night for the first time in this month and those negative people who only knows how to put people down and talk alot of rubbish, go eat shit! humph.

after that, i finally helped him edit his email (he was very happy with it yay!) and we just watched tv together on the bed until i was very drowsy and he pecked me on the lips and i fell asleep with his arms around me. :) :) :)



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