Thursday, August 24, 2006

千百六十一: FNN news today

they discussed the removal of Pluto from the solar system today. and went into indepth analysis with the fortune tellers how the removal of the planet will affect their job. hehehehe.. and they interviewed science centers in the country. the Kobe science center said they have stopped explaining about the addition of the 3 news planets since yesterday since pluto seemed to be losing the fight. esp now being the summer vacations, they are confused at what they should teach the kids who are there to learn new stuff. hmm. Pluto is known as 冥王星。strange name. but Neptune is very apt. 海王星。 hee. easy to remember.

oh i went to the science center today. it was fun! very educational, they have displays and hands-ons for everything in our sec sch textbooks (like ampere rule, etc) so the kids have alot of fun.

the next thing on the news program, what bears go wild at. can u believe this, this is a serious news program on the Fuji TV news. and they talking about bears and they fav smells. -.- its the smell of gasoline. they go wild at that and start behaving like they are having orgasms, rolling around on the ground in ecstasy. -.-

now they're talking about and analysing the handsomeness and appeal of the star pitcher of the Waseda High school champion team in the recent high sch baseball championships. -.- i .. dunno wat to say. with all his vital stats listed up in a chart and a big pic of him on the board. *faintzz*


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