Monday, August 28, 2006

千百六十六: drunk people on a flight

i realise that i can't stand people who drink b4 or on a flight and then lose their self control during the flight with no consideration for other people's feelings or public manners.

there was this group of friends who were drinking beer at the snack stand before boarding and this girl was part of the group who in the end turned out to be sitting behind me. i boarded the plane behind them and there is a strong tabacco and alcohol smell drifting to my nostrils from them when i stand in my seat facing them.and the girl has red eyes but smiling strangely like ... abit drunk liao. i was thinking "sighz" and after i sat down and she started talking, i knew it was going to be a long flight. she was talking at at least 10 decibels above the avg human voice level. when the plane started moving, she shouted to the whole plane, (to her friend actually) "its moving its moving!!!" argh. and she kept kicking the back of my seat during the post boarding snack. i was having a major headache, felt like puking, felt very grumpy and was still having cramps and this dumbo had zero consideration for other people. grrr. i didn't want to have any confrontations so i just put on the headphones, on to nearly full (and still can hear her voice) and after that, they off-ed all the lights in the plane, and she finally quietened down when her fren oso stopped listening to her under his headphones. phew.

Kansai airport to Bangkok only takes 5 hours plus. so after the first hour, and i watched drama on my laptop for the next 2-3 hours, stretched out on my 3 people seat (ShiOK!) and i finally got sleepy at bout 4am , slept abit until 5am when they forced us to wake up cos going to reach liao and we had breakfast. and she (the girl behind me) started talking loudly again. sighz. and we landed in thai airport at 4.30am thailand time. :( my next flight was at 8am thai time and i had nowhere to go. now i understand why there are travellers sleeping on the boarding area benches cos i became one of them. tried to sleep while guarding my valuables (very difficult) and woke up at 6+ nearly 7am. still very sleepy and the boarding area was freezing cold.

was able to board the plane at 7.20am finally. conked out until we were halfway in the trip, when brunch was served and after another hour or so , finally back here. bleahz. i am not much for night flights.


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