Tuesday, September 05, 2006

千百七十四:life's coincidences

don't you just hate it when

- no faxes come the whole day but the moment you dialup to the internet with the fax line, some one calls in and say "how come ur fax line always busy one?!" #$%&
- the bus you wan to take always takes ages to come but will be the first bus that comes when you are not waiting for it?
- your phone chooses not to ring the whole day except when you go for a bath?

reminds me of the MAD magazine.

they used to have such sections in the book. and they would have the black spy vs the white spy irony issues.


seems like its been very very long ago when i read those things for the first time. my cousin used to throw away her books and us being bookworms would just be her book dumping ground. and we found such gems in the process. :)


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