Saturday, September 16, 2006

千百八十四:C's departure

today C will be leaving us to go to the land of the furry hats and quirky manners. I wish him all the best and i want to tell him as my sister's big sister: "You better not make my sister heartbroken hor!!" or else in the words of Phoebe from Friends "I'll hunt you down and kick your ass!!" ^^ hehe. anyway, good luck and do us proud next time!

i saw my former tutor in Her World Brides this month and i was very very very surprised. lost touch with him after O levels, am very happy to see him get featured for a beautiful wedding (the Fullerton one) and that he is doing so well now. his wife is very very pretty lor! (^-^) dunno how to say, just feel very happy for him. hope he also continues to do very well.

finally saturday again but no appts today, have to stay in and clear the homework. ack.


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