Sunday, September 10, 2006

千百七十九: 倾盆大雨

met ZZ , YY, and BC for lunch today. SL couldn't come because he was having LS, JM's fridge spoilt so she had to do some emergency fridge shopping. :x hehe.

its the type of friendship that you meet once in years yet the camaraderie is still there. had a long 2 hour lunch at paragon, zz's treat (thank you!!!) and we had a gd chat about all that has happened in the time that has passed. some one is pregnant, (congratS!) and we got dibs for future tuition jobs with pretty high pay that someone will pass to us because someone is going overseas. someone else had an operation but I'm glad its a minor one. and the wound seems to be healing nicely. the last someone is still full of his cold jokes and weird logic but added alot of laughter to our conversations. friends talking crap over lunch, despite the time that has lapsed. i wonder how many more times i will be able to do that still.

after lunch, we walked around taka together, and it so happened that almost all of us had one thing each we had to buy from taka. my legs were tired out but i guess this is one day despite the downpour and me getting caught in the rain, i didn't feel the least bit cold, cos of the warmth in my heart.


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