Sunday, September 10, 2006


first time i chionged in dbl o in years. felt out of place there, maybe cos i was with a unfamiliar group. and the fren who brought me there, so many other girls were fighting for his attention. -.- abit sianz half, and he started making out with his fren (girl) -.- while my arm was supporting his one arm. and left me dunno where to look or wat to do cos at that time he was really drunk. yuck. but i didnT get drunk today, just abit sleepy, but glad i got to know some new friends. and as usual, come home to mom waiting up, damn off, kena scolding again.

i chiong like once in a blue moon, wat'S wrong?!

oh and watched Monster House today. i would say the trailer made the movie more interesting than it really is. it was funny, but not like very very very funny. i felt abit bored with the dialogue at many times.

couldn't help but think of him when i see other couples on the dancefloor while i was feeling a little lost, didnT have the enthusiasm or energy to dance. i dun wan to do anithing i will regret, i dun wan to get too close to other guys, hence the chionging was a limited booze, limited dancing, limited contact with other people affair.

canT really stand the night scene anymore, must be getting old. i get tired easily oso. yikes.


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