Thursday, September 14, 2006


oh yah, the day b4 yesterday.

the utensils-stomplike performance after the stickman show was good too! surprised they made such good music from pots and pans. and i was afraid they would upset the boiling pots. and hurt themselves. yup.. so all in all, the performances were not bad.

yesterday.. had japanese lessons and a tummy ache. it was just an ache on the side and i thought sleeping it off would work. it didn't and woke up with a sore throat plus an even worse ache. dunno wat hit me, felt giddy and was barely walking straight. argh. got better towards the evening, but getting quite giddy again. will have to sleep early tonight. :x

next week is the last lesson for this term le. should i sign up for the next term?


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