Monday, September 11, 2006

千百八十: mood-.-

today got into a argument over the fone with someone who is afraid for his 頸 .

i was in no wrong, considering i am the victim, but yes, i do apologise for not apologising. but the gist of it pissed me off because the person said it until he had been very helpful and my well-being was his first and foremost concern these past 2 months when it was obviously not (or from wat we all can see) . wat is not shown, i will not know. i apologise if my actions cause your job to be in jeopardy but please put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been jobless. with only money going out and nothing coming in. who wouldn't feel a little bit angry even? talk to the man on the street who has been retrenched and has yet to find a job. will he sound like he has an attitude problem? i am sure he will. thank you for the continuous effort (if it was true) and i hope this week works out.

no .. not relationship problems. counting down to the end of this month for some happy times. first person i wanted to call was him but he was still at work so had to complain to another trainee and wish him happy birthday. hehe. in 2 minds about what i want. the call came at the right time and i do wish that there was no argument today. else it would have been good news. lets see what happens this thursday.

going to watch Sketches of the Stickmen Cooking tomorrow. must remember to borrow popular card also.

i think i am the emotional type who gets affected by fights and arguments and by what i see easily. scenes that affect me, that i see, get replayed in my head over and over like a movie. -.- つらい~・i sometimes wish my memory was less photographic. some of the things i would like to forget, some names, some memories, some stuff, i am beginning to forget. i am thankful for that.


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