Sunday, September 17, 2006

千百八十五:Bye bye birdie

and so we all headed down to Changi Airport Terminal 2 last night.

there were so many people to send him off! a little surprised but i guess it was expected. small groups of people from all his diff parts of life (church, army, jc, cca,family) all add up to a big group. i was the official photog, and i helped take his departure pics with his friends and family before he flew. the Nikon slr was heavy & i cant really tell wats the diff in quality until its on paper i suppose.

is there anyone who can wake up at 5pm (having slept at 2am the night before) and then go back to sleep at midnite again? isnt that like a little too much!? (and kind of a pig) i'm quite disgusted actually to hear of that.


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