Monday, September 18, 2006


got fever and the flu.

oh i watched Gigolo Wannabe on Sunday. apparently its been in Japan since 2005 yet only shown now in sg? sighz. was so-so. funny at times but the twist at the end was quite infuriating. wasnt the comedy / host-club scenes i had envisioned but very melodramatic at times. and no cute guys. -.- ah well.

yesterday also stepped into Long John's for the first time in 6-7 years. i have detested stepping into a Long John's outlet ever since a piece of their shrimp hurt my throat and choked me. but yesterday, went in and i ate the shrimp and cheese fries (cos caleb wanted to eat his lunch there) and it turned out to be quite delicious! phew. and it rained again in the afternoon. which was almost like an exact replay of wat happend last sunday. i was wearing the same pair of sandals except this time i had an umbrella. hoho.

ah. the medicine is making drowsy. nitez.


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