Thursday, September 21, 2006

千百八十八:Chance Encounters

today had a chance encounter when i alighted from the MRT at 11.30pm at Jurong East MRT station. i met someone who i totally didn't expect to meet, after 7 years. imagine if i hadn't decided to take the stairs instead of the lift, if i had taken the escalator instead, i would never have seen her. how coincidental! i met SS from sec sch. she still hadn't changed one bit, very blur and very cute. i gave her my number but was afraid she would miss the departing train, told her to just msg me later with her number. i hope she remembers. what are the chances?!

today was the last japanese lesson. next week onwards, it's going to be JLPT prep classes. argh. no more Naomi sensei. she is very cute, esp when she does imitations. today she did one of the shampoo ad of the former Organics brand (whats the name now?) and how the girl was trying to straighten her hair at the party. it was hilarious!! haiz. will miss her.


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