Friday, September 22, 2006

千百九十:Bad Day

today was one of those days that you feel that the whole world is against you. woke up to almost all grumpy faces in the family, got screamed at in the office for something non-work related, i decided to just retreat in my shell. they can show faces i also can. sick of being the anger venting tool for everyone. my advice to future parents is, dun keep putting down your kids and blaming them for everything wrong in your life. they remember the hurt of being accused and alleged for things they didn't even do for life. yes. FOR LIFE. every single bad word, every time that black face is shown, they remember. outwardly, they might have grown up and stopped flinching when you push blame at them wrongly, but inside of them, it is another cut on the already scarred badly heart. we are not allowed to choose our parents, but we have tolerated any irrational behaviour, any tyrant-like behaviour because we are still trying to love u as u are already old and you probably think u are always wiser than us anyway, even when you are wrong. but why do u make it so difficult for us to do that?

i think helping them in the office thing is not working out. they pick on me too much, when they are tired with their work especially.


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