Friday, September 22, 2006

千百八十九:Forbidden City

by luck, my sister managed to land herself with a free pair of Forbidden City tix and we went to see the musical today. it was marvellous! thank u for bringing me!! even though u were a little grumpy after that, but the show was .. touching.. i guess. i am not sure if it is based on fact or some parts are fiction but it did what it was supposed to. learnt alot about the life of the Empress in this one night than in all my chinese culture lessons in school. Kit Chan has a really wonderful voice. but i think the caucasians in the show outshone most of the other cast members. during the choruses, the cast couldn't be heard clearly and i was relying alot on the subtitles. think they are probably tired out from doing 2 shows everyday..

it was very embarrassing when a delivery man came into the office this afternoon and i was singing very loudly with my ipod and i didnt notice him. (#-.-#) he gave me quite a start when i looked up and suddenly there he was. maybe he was snickering. humph.


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