Saturday, September 23, 2006

千百九十二: Steamboat

we haven't had dinner as a whole family outside for a long long time. but today, after walking around marina square and my mom saw all the scary prices of the steamboat buffets in the mall, all above $20 per person, she was like, "So expensive!" and marina south steamboat prices in comparison made her agree to having dinner there. haha.

so we headed there.. at about 8pm, the place was already full. and i had forgotten how we were supposed to pay and all so we were just all looking around blindly for the aunties that were supposed to assign us a table. dunno where they all disappeared to, i saw another table of people also wandering around blindly looking for somewhere to pay to. hehe.but we finally found the elusive auntie and got a seat. the problem with eating outside with my mom, is that she complains alot about everything. about how the food is not as fresh as when she cooks (definitely) and how she can cook stuff cheaper and all and variety no good blah blah. i can't stand that. i mean we are already there, u of cos can't expect things outside to be better than home right? so just relax, enjoy ur time there, stop thinking negative thoughts and affecting other people too! ... but all in all, i enjoyed eating all the stuff she usually won't cook anyway, like bbQ meat and the shellfish species. but i totally can predict a stomachache tomorrow.

marina square is sooo crowded. i saw alot of familiar faces from hall today. surprisingly. some people who ignored me and i ignored them, one who said hi when i waved. but thats all. ah well. and i am looking forward to this monday evening. aLOT!


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