Friday, October 06, 2006

千二百三:The Breakup

Starlight Cinema was showing The Breakup today!

i had free tix, (and so did alot of many other people apparently) so i decided to come for today'S movie. the rest of the movies didn't interest me much or i watched liao anyway. so. i jio-ed my sis, but she was very unenthu about it last min so i was like frantically calling up people to ask if they wanna watch. luckily, didn't have to make that many calls, caleb was free so he went with me.

the weather was super hazy today but it was also windy and the haze cleared up within an hour into the movie. and we had fun eating our burgers and playing the DS sudoku game together b4 the movie. also received free nokia mats, and they had set up ground sheets everywhere le. much better than the premiere on the first day.

The movie was pretty good. typical movie of BGR i guess and all her grouses about him (him not offering to help, not making her feel appreciated, she's tired out from just always doing what he wants but him not doing the same for her) but at least he realised he was not a very good character (since his friends all also said that he was pretty self-centered) and he tried to change in the end. alot of thoughts about the things she said to him and the things they did to each other but i guess they are pretty private. just that, i guess we shouldn't always try to use reverse psychology on guys cos they might not get it and we might lose them for good if we do that too often.

well.. that's all folks.


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