Friday, September 29, 2006

千百九十六:Lunch @ Din Tai Fung

apparently this place is famous in japan for its xiao long bao as well.

Ryo was like so excited to see it here and for it to be so empty, he was pretty much over the moon. the Kyoto store has like long queues every hour of the day so there's like a very low chance of eating there so comfortably without waiting.

so we ate lunch there, went to city hall to buy games (the sims 2 for my sis) and we saw one shop selling nintendogs at 2nd hand price so he got it for me as well. hoho!

i am now rearing a yorkshire terrier. i think. training it is super mafan. -.- and we sat at coffee bean and drank stuff until we had no apetite for dinner. (T.T) so... no bday dinner this year. boohoohoo!!!


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