Thursday, September 28, 2006

千百九十五: Zoo

we've been to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you..

We went to the zoo yesterday and it was fun! the last time i went was with the hall people in year 2, about 4 years ago, and that time we didn't watch the animal shows etc but this time we went to see the Wonders of the Wild show (the generic one with the monkeys and the snakes) and the Elephant show.

We took MRT to yishun then we took cab from there to the zoo, it was quite cheap only; the cab fare came up to about $6.60. for a weekday, the turnout was pretty good. not too crowded but enough people to make you feel like how come no one is visiting. i didn't realise the zoo tickets were so ex! $20 per person. ... i thought it was about $10 only. but of course, after visiting the Tennoji Zoo, i appreciate our zoo alot. if tennoji zoo is charging about $10 for their zoo, then i guess we are of cos worth at least double that.

reached there at about noon, the first show we were about to catch was at 1.30pm so we followed the trail to the parrots, the tiger trek, then the polar bear feeding time came around and the famous Inuka performed for us. (thats the singapore-born polar bear) he's 16 years old and already 450 kg. wahahaha. apparently polar bears can stand up to 35 degrees celsius in the wild so why are the activists complaining? if the polar bears are going to be in any zoo, i would rather they be in the s'pore zoo cos even if the climate is better, i dun think they will be so well taken care of in any other zoo in the world. he looks very happy here when i saw him yesterday anyway. humph.

the wonders of the wild show, it was so-so. the african tribal act thing, was kinda boring. i wanted to see the animals, not him blowing darts. i thought ah meng used to perform or something also. maybe she got old liao.. and they also put snakes in the crowd! in backpacks on the ground, then the compere came around and was like pointed to this knapsack which was there earlier liao and asked the guy sitting next to it like is it yours and no? and opened it up to reveal a python. argh. maybe instead of using bombs, terrorists put a snake or wat in backpacks, can create enough of a scare liao.

the elephant show was good! the compere was funny and the elephants were very cooperative. well done trainers!

had a late lunch at zoo cafe. expensive.. we opted for curry chicken and rice. and we watched the guy scoop up a drumstick and a piece of chicken meat and his colleague, right in front of us, whispered very loudly " what are u doing! too much too much! put back! " and he scooped the drumstick out of the bowl into the soup again. -.- for $7, 2 pieces of chicken in that small bowl of curry is too much?? i don't think so. if not, dun even show us u scoop it it liao then take out. what kind of service is that?? abit buay song bout that.

we left after visiting the zebras, and giraffes and the lions. the male lion was asleep the whole day. bleahz. the children's world also very quiet and deserted. and i couldn't see any horses around.

but anyway, we left at about 5 pm, b4 the commuter crowd starts on the trains.

went to watch starlight cinema in the evening, it was only so-so an experience. personally, i am disappointed at the organisation of the event. very poorly carried out. there was a cordoned off space, which was probably non-seating area in the first place, but when we reached, the ushers said can sit, dun smoke its ok. so every one sat down comfortably, had dinner etc. after bout 30 min, the show was supposed to start but didn't, and the idiotic organisers came about and said to the people behind us (we were like 2nd row into the cordoned area) "sorry, you have to move, you are actually not allowed to sit here" blah blah blah. some people was mad of cos, movie going to start liao then do such things. some just refused to move. and it was like.. selective>? they were biased and picked on couples, some groups had more than 3 people in the same row etc, they didnt ask them to move. luckily they didnt get to us to even ask if we could move or i would have pounded them. and ryo was in bad enuff a mood liao. b4 that, a dumb cab, gave us wrong directions to padang, and drove barely 200 meters and charged us $5.50! WTH!? he took us from raffles city, went the wrong way, said cannot turn, and dropped us at outside peninsula plaza. and we had to walk from there all the way to Padang. DUH. very mad at him, but we were running late and i didnt have time to argue so i just gave him the money and ryo was mad we still had to walk after paying so much. argh. but luckily he got ok when the movie started. -.-

had supper just at the coffeeshop next to the hotel, it was pretty good. and shiok lor, just walk down so convenient. if live in town, i also dont think i need a car liaoz. can walk anywhere, sure healthy oso.

after that we went back and just watched jap dramas until 3am. haha. must watch this series 古畑 something detective series. i think xq mentioned the murder mystery special is under this series oso, the SMAP one entitled presento. old show. but his logic amazes me.

today .. happy birthday to me! no plans yet though, will put up pictures of the zoo soon also. (my flickr acct just expired, will renew next month i think) thank you to all who sent wishes as well :)


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