Tuesday, October 03, 2006

千二百一:Strange coincidences

It's only 11am and I'm starving already. XQ, if u are reading this, paiseh, I haven't finished with your resume yet, will finish it this week I promise.

I was checking the accounts book today and I saw something strange. In the beginning of last month, I had written down the invoice number 203846 twice and I had only noticed it after it was too late to change so I cancelled it with a line. This morning, I saw that there was a cancellation on another line so I looked closer and my mom had cancelled out the line with the invoice number 203946! (Both numbers were ending with 46 ..) I was the one who had written that number as well. I was like thinking hmm, so coincidental and this morning, it so happened that I had to write the number 204046 and I tried very carefully to avoid double writing that number. So after I reached like 204050, I looked over the numbers and was happy that it didn't happen again. Then I looked again and had a doubletake. I had written 204043 twice this time. -.-

So it's back to work again (reluctantly) after a week of rest. Luckily there's a public holiday this month to look forward to (Hari Raya Puasa on 24 th October, Tuesday). I found out this week that another one of my ex- Japanese colleagues is coming to Singapore today but another trainee (his direct colleague & good fren) is going to bring him around so we'll probably just meet up for dinner. He'll only be here for 4 days, kind of too short though. Hopefully he has fun here.

When Ryo was here, it was quite difficult to decide where to bring him. He had been to the museums etc, but we always woke up too late to go Sentosa etc, so in the end the Zoo was the only attraction we been to. There was also the haze which made staying outdoors by the pool a turn-off even though he wanted to suntan. And we ended up hanging out at Takashimaya a lot. Haha. So that he could read the news in Kinokuniya for free actually. So the main thing we did was eat a lot and play a lot of Mahjong on DS but I guess it was pretty good. He actually said he felt like he did have a good vacation and he managed to zobo, wake up late a lot, didn't feel stressed to visit many places, could take things slowly and so on.. so it was all good I guess! Except for the bad service on the taxis and the hotel we encountered. He asked me if all taxi drivers were like that (no thank yous, no acknowledgement, sullen etc) I didn't know what to say. The first time I said maybe the driver had a long day but the next few rides all on different times were the same as well and I felt embarrassed that he had to see the bad side of our service industry. I am proud to be Singaporean, and I want people to enjoy coming to our country and to like our country as well.. but such incidents really make people to not want to return again.


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