Sunday, October 01, 2006

千百九十七:Endless Buffets

this is a day to note in my personal history.

i ate 2 buffets in a day. *feeling very fat*

for lunch, we went to the ex-kublaikhan at taka. since when did that pariss international buffet took over?! abit sianz, cos i had a lot of happy memories there and it's disappeared without me knowing at all. there were alot of rich pRCs there for lunch, all just mom and kid and carrying lots of branded goods and paperbags from their shopping. okok.. the food. alot of delicious seafood still, and i guess the cooked food has improved in variety. didn't gorge myself, i guess when u get older, buffets are just to satisfy ur need/craving to eat some particular things that caught ur eye on the menu. so left when pleasantly full, walked around taka abit and went back. we always go kino so that he can read the Nikkei news for free. heh. but seriously, who would buy the paper for $5 ? japanese people have high spending power but i don't think they are idiots.

did i mention that i went to geylang for frog's legs porridge & tao huay with xH & her hubby too? thats on friday night. and it was gooood!! been years since i ate that, and he just gamely came along and tried all these exotic chinese food with us. i guess if he sees us eating it and we didn't flinch, it probably was edible. unfortunately, he chose to buy the preserved prune (suan1 mei2) drink which he totally regretted. it tasted ...... weird. like suan mei but with water.

oh .. yesterday, so we came back after lunch and he napped until dinner time when he suggested trying the hotel's buffet dinner. the hotel had a penang themed buffet in its cafe for a very reasonable price so i was like.. ok.. think i still can eat.. coincidentally, someone was holding a wedding dinner there. very low-budget, cos thats a hotel cafe, its not even a restaurant with stage, and the whole situation for the couple was quite chaotic. ryo sat there looking and he was like "people wear jeans and t-shirt to a wedding dinner?! that man looks like he is going to a pachinko parlour!!" and he was pretty shocked. i didn't know what to say, cos its a low budget wedding dinner i think, so i explained that singapore is more casual and it depended on the venue as well. but of cos, most people wear at least shirt and pants and he laughed his head off when he saw a man wearing a hawaiian shirt and cargo pants among the guests as well. and of cos, if relatives and frens are not well-off, can't have a dinner in like fullerton and expect ur relatives to pay good angbao and buy gowns just for ur wedding also right? well, an eye-opener for him i guess.

the food. it was great! i dunno why, but it was very good. the food is actually a lot of local fare lumped together, penang laksa, laksa, satay, steamed chicken, black pepper crab, cuttlefish kangkong, braised sea cucumber etc. its only about $20 so i guess well worth it. he enjoyed the desserts, all the nonya kuehs and the rojak and the ice kachang. :) so i guess it was a good choice to have gone there for dinner.

then channel 8 was showing chow yun fatt in god of gamblers 2. so he got all excited again. :)


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