Thursday, October 12, 2006


zZZ i dozed off in the office this morning again. i was actually quite fresh this morning, but when my dad said he needed to do stuff on his comp, i went to the sofa to wait for him to finish since both comps were occupied. ended up i dozed off there again. it was 9++ am i think? the couch was very comfortable to just loll my head back and zz. and i just couldn't wake up again. argh. but luckily no nightmares this morning.

i was reading another Ken Hirai song today and darn it, most of his songs are soooo sad!!! today's one was 瞳をとじて(hitomi wo tojite). The song is about him always seeing the memories of his ex-gf whenever he shuts his eyes and he is trying to forget her but he can't. and how lonely he is to wake up without her next to him and he can remember all the promises they made to each other b4 under the starry sky. (T.T)

I was watching the Kimura episode of the Furuhata古畑 detective drama last night. and once again in this show, of cos he is the murderer. I don't like to see him as murderer. cos he acts so well as a psychotic person, a quiet and calm psychotic guy, its believable and it kinda freaks me out. good acting. but i cant bear to think of him as anything but a cool and very handsome guy who doesn't ever grow old. congrats to him for winning the aN-aN favourite guy award for the 13th time again!! woohoo!

the most handsome man in the world (#^-^#)

argh. i wish this guy was mine!!


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