Thursday, October 12, 2006

千二百九:An Unexpected Call

today i got an unexpected call. very happy about it but i dun wan to say much, dun wanna jinx it yet. can only reveal more in november. heh.

this morning. i had the weirdest dream. i was dozing in the armchair in the office b4 work started and i had those dreams that i was dozing in the armchair (dreams in a dream..-.-) and that i saw these strangers walking in and out. i was thinking maybe they were customers. but the last one . was damn eerie. it was a girl who was dressed in black. i was dozing in my dream so i didnt see when she came in but i dreamt that i like opened my eyes and she was standing next to my mom's desk liao, with her back towards me. so i couldn't see her face. she had long long black hair and wearing black short skirt. but she wasn't moving much and my mom didn't seem to notice that she was standing next to her. as usual, i sorta shouted (?) that "ay, someone's here" to her and the girl started to turn around. there was this super sudden strong sense of foreboding and dread and fear of seeing her face that i just jumped awake. yes jumped awake. could still feel the goosebumps after i woke up, the feeling was so real. i think this weekend i have to go to the temple to pray liao.

I was looking at Ken Hirai song lyrics today and this song struck me. it tells of a guy whose gf is always unhappy, and all he wants is to change her sad face to a smiling one. she is unhappy about everything he does even though all he does is to try to make her happy and he knows that unfortunately this will end soon but he doesnt want to know when. and he doesnt want her to end it either cos he really loves her. (T.T) touching....


君が置いていった 言葉を 何度も 繰り返す
行き先を失くして さまよい续けてる胸の中
電話のベルに ふと気付くたび
僕はあれから何を見ても 誰と話していても Ah
悲しい顔の君を 笑顔に変えることだけが
嫌いなとこばかり 気になって2人離れだけど
優しいとこばかり なせだろう今は思い出すよ
ひとり風に吹かれるたびに 君の香りが消えてくよ
どんなに愛してても いつか終わりが來るなんて
わからない わかりたくもない
もしもあの言葉が言えたら あの言葉を止めたら Ah
こんなに 弱くないと 自分を励ましてみても
あれから何を見ても 誰と話していても Ah


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