Monday, October 09, 2006


A few things in my head today.
1. wonder if jaclyn is having fun at the SMAP concert. (or should i say had fun)
2. thinking about what programs or where i should bring Maya when she comes here next week.
3. today is a rare chance after work that i can reach home b4 7pm.
4. thinking of how to teach my doggies tricks in my Nintendogs.
5. should i get another dog?
6. thinking when is the best time i should go japan again. i told my colleagues i will see them in dec but i just checked the tix and its horribly expensive during december.
7. of cos the constant career crisis in my head as well
8. and the examination worries
9. not to mention the relationship

its no wonder i can't sleep at night with so many things in my head. last night was horribly warm. or maybe its just my pillow? couldn't fall asleep, kept tossing and turning. i was bathing when i just thought of all my friends of my age who are already married. got 3 couples that i know of personally le. i know of more acquaintances from my sec sch who are also married liao. so fast. i wonder how they are coping with just facing that one person in the same house all the time. or do both people just face their PCs and chat with everyone else they know except the one sitting behind them?

& on last count, this year i received 0 bday presents. yup yup. ZERO. i received what i needed though, cash, a big angbao from him, and another angbao from my mom thats all. dunno why, i dun feel that bothered, another sign of the maturity into old age??! sighz, of cos it would be very nice to know people do remember and do get something special to surprise me, but those days are long gone liao i guess. thank u everyone who sms-ed me, (YH, Hawx, JL, HS, Jac, Wira, XH, i think my sis did too? ) and thank you to those who sent e-cards (Maya, Sensei) ^^ and other forms of birthday greetings here and there (PL, WY, HP, Kana, Nagakita-san, Fukushima-san, ZW, Aoki-san) and anyone i missed out too. dun think i missed out anyone though, its pretty countable. :p

yup yup. so now i am 24 years and 11 days old. i do see a little bit of lines coming up on the face .. gotta be very careful liao..


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