Tuesday, October 17, 2006

千二百十五: the flu bug

sickening la. i am sick.

yesterday afternoon it was just an itchy roof in my mouth. it didn't go away, and i began sneezing and sneezing and today its a headache and runny nose liao. dun u just hate having the itchy roof in your mouth feeling?! can only scratch with the tongue and it only gets worse the more you scratch. argh.

and so that headachy feeling followed me the whole day and continuous sneezing.

there were countless blackouts today in the office. something seemed to be wrong with the circuit of the old fan, i think, and in the evening, the circuit just kept jumping (breaking?) and we were testing all the appliances one by one so that we could see which it was. it was weird though, it only began today, everyday we used that fan and nothing happened.

i was looking around xanga today and realised (finally!) that i could actually set the background of it to any picture. so i set it to one of the roses i took in osaka and the rose looks really good. www.xanga.com/booboogal

this other pic is nice oso.

i am so sick of the movement to remove Chen Shui Bian in Taiwan. and the worse thing is that 95.8fm speaks and update about it every day at least 3 times!! very irritating! no other news meh? gah. i better go sleep.


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