Monday, October 16, 2006

千二百十四: kaoz

i am very much restraining the growing urge to slap my sister for her growing rudeness again.

her handphone is on her hands all the time yet she can't answer a call when my mom calls and i get the brunt of my mom's anger when she can't get my sister. wat's the use of them paying her handphone bill when she dun even answer it when my parents call? and the excuses she give are pretty lame. cca canceled cos of haze, she said she was coming home, then suddenly there were extra lessons? wat if other students went home le? not everyone was in her team wor. abit puzzling huh? so its an hour after she msged us that she's leaving for home and she wasn't home when we reached an hour plus later. so she said she was still half way. an hour later. and then i was like u took an hour to reach there? by car only 15 min, even if wait for bus .. i dun think so long. her rude reply was "my fault izit? " wah. then my fault ah. her next reply was "my fault for the extra lessons izit?" kao. no la. all my fault. that's why i sit here and be the one kena scolded at by my mom. good lor. talk like that. see whether she got any sisters left in future.


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