Wednesday, October 18, 2006

千二百十六: Terror in the MRT

wah . today. was such a fright.

the return trip home was smooth all the way from Raffles place to Clementi. JL & HS got off there. and i waited for the doors to close. it didn't close after a few minutes, despite the beep beep beep already having sounded. Everyone was quite puzzled. We looked around, nothing seemed amiss. Five minutes later, the train was still at Clementi. hmm. Strange, i thought. About 2 minutes later, the train finally moved off.

Before it reached Jurong Interchange, it stopped again midway. This time at least 10 minutes. And.. half the lights in my carriage went off. I mean, they keep sounding warnings in the train to remind us about being aware of terrorists, that was of course the first thing that came to everyone's minds. We were stuck in the middle of the track, the lights went off with no warning, I think we probably couldn't think of anything else but terrorism attacks even though why would anyone hit the trains at nearly 11pm. so we stood there in the semi-darkness for a while and everyone was trying to look calm and then the lights finally came back on and there was some bullshit announcement finally about "we apologise for the delay. it is due to a train-related incident." quite DUH lor! not due to train then due to ... buses? or airplanes meh??

but the moment they made that announcement, the train started moving towards Jurong again, so it was like pointless. they forced everyone to get off at Jurong, and there were sooo many people crowding the platform for Boon Lay train. probably the train b4 us didn't make it past Jurong as well.

the next train came from Bukit Batok and when it reached JUrong, the lights went off suddenly too. standing on the outside, I could see many people got a shock, even men. heh. but. people still boarded despite no lights in the train. why weren't people more scared!? i was spooked, nevertheless, all those train movies like speed, came into my head and i decided its better to be safe bah. so got my mom to pick me up at jurong instead. think the trains were still running, but as long as i'm not on it if anything happens, i'm thankful.


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