Thursday, October 19, 2006

千二百十九:Death Note

The Show is so Cool!

well. At least, I know that I will be going to get hold of the comic books to read the full story. Although there were lots of puzzling things in the movie, Caleb explained to me one by one until I understood why somethings were that way. As usual, movies lose to books in detail and plot progression. and the actors.. they are not as cool as I imagined the guys to be. the death god was abit too comical and unrealistic for a serious death movie. haha. but I enjoyed the show. I would have enjoyed it better if the girl sitting next to us wasnt chattering away the whole movie. THE WHOLE MOVIE. like a monkey. during those serious parts, where whole cinema was quiet, she would be chattering away to her bf or her gf. not softly. I mean, you might just be getting by reading the sub titles, but you don't have to spoil the whole atmosphere of the show right? after tolerating them for about 2/3 of the show, couldn't stand it, turned to them and asked them to speak softer. the guy said sorry but 2 more minutes later, start chattering again. kaoz. really like monkeys.


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