Tuesday, October 24, 2006

千二百二十四:Rest In Peace

There was an unfortunate fatality in this afternoon's sudden horrendous downpour.

Despite being indoors, the rain was so horribly heavy that I was drenched head to toe when trying to shut the door to the balcony in the office and had to change out of my t-shirt and my windbreaker which were soaked. The windows were actually banged shut by the strong winds. The area in the workshop near the door was flooded and the machines there were soaked and we were in a mad rush trying to wipe away the water droplets in case anything happened to the new machines. A couple of screws had been scattered by the wind so I was bending low, trying to find them and I saw this strange roundish shape in a dark corner. I saw a fan-like thing at the end of it and when I bent closer, I realised with a start it was a sparrow lying down, tummy up. Shocked, cos it was actually a corner where the wind couldn't possibly have blown into, I didn't dare to check if it was still alive. How did it come in? I hope it didn't die bumping into a window or something. argh, the poor bird.

In the end, my mom poked at it with a pair of pliers and it didn't move. I think she pushed it into a plastic bag with the pliers and then dropped the bag into the big bin outside the unit. o.O I hope it rests in peace.


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