Monday, October 23, 2006

千二百二十三:Night Safari

It's been more than 10 years since I last stepped into the Night Safari.

The last time I went was in Primary School, when it first opened in 1994. My impression was that it was dark and dingy and with my slight night blindness problem, it was a waste of time as I couldn't catch sight of most of the animals. The added on problem of the heat and mosquitoes were a turnoff to a primary school kid. And the school didn't let us ride the tram, so we didn't enjoy the trip at all. So from then on, if any one told me the place was fun, I would be like "HUH? are u sure?". Very disbelieving that anyone could find that place fun.

But since Maya's here, and it's been so long, and Ryo had found the place quite interesting last year when he had gone alone, I decided to accompany her there. It was really quite fun in the end. We rode the tram, with detailed explanation from the guide and maybe my improved eyesight (WAHAHA! like real!!), I did see much more animals tonight. There was a slight drizzle as well, with a cool breeze and zero mosquitoes! The trekking parts was not as bad as I expected, since the weather was good and the animal show was pretty funny. The host was witty and I enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, since the zoo didn't allow flash photography, there are only few pictures that are good enough as any memories, especially of the animals. It was too dark to take any good shots and my camera didn't have enough ISO to gather light. argh.

But I was surprised at the crowd as well, alot of locals besides tourists. The shows were all full house packed and the queues for the next show started more than 30 min b4 the next show commenced. wow. I hope all the tourists enjoyed themselves!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never been to night safari before.. but i'm sure it is interesting to roam the zoo in the dark :)

btw i've been visiting and left comments on the other blog of yours.

11:50 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

yah i saw!! thanks! i also replied your replies ^^

12:30 am GMT+8  

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