Saturday, October 21, 2006

千二百二十一:Fair Play

I have become a fan of Ichiro!!

I'm watching an episode of Furuhata Vs Ichiro where Ichiro acts as himself.

He murdered a man blackmailing his ficticious brother by letting that guy choose a pill from his hand. There were 2 pills, one with honey and one with poison. And Ichiro would take the one the blackmailer left. Of cos being a show, the guy was unlucky and Ichiro survives to clean up the murder. Unfortunately, against Furuhata, Ichiro didn't have much chance of not being found out. From a moist matchbox left in the car of the blackmailer, Furuhata deduced that it came from a room with a humidifier and went to check with the hotel staff. One of them of cos was Ichiro and he admitted to meeting the blackmailer because he hates to lie (in the show, dunno about real life :p). -.- It was quite funny, in between there's a part where Furuhata will say clues to help the audience think how he deduced the murderer and he said this disclaimer that this show is ficticious and the real Ichiro insisted on using his name but would of course not commit a murder. hee hee. It was so sad.. in the end he was caught in his words by some wordplay and trap by Furuhata. (T.T) boo hoo!!

Oh it's his birthday tomorrow! DOB:October 22, 1973 hehe.. He's oso a libra. yay! He's a member of the Seattle Mariners, and he's doing pretty well in the league i think.


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