Wednesday, October 25, 2006

千二百二十五: Long Beach (Again)

I feel a sudden affiliation with Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at ECP. The one at the lagoon side.

This is my second time there this month, and we ate almost the same things with almost the same people. The chilli crab is delicious as always, but I wonder why the place was suggested when they themselves don't want to dirty their hands eating crab. If the tourist sees the host not eating, he will of course also be thinking like oh, must be not that nice that's why the host is not eating also? Hmm, anyway, that's my own opinion. Anyway, this is the group today:

The group 2 weeks ago at Ishiwata's dinner*
At Long Beach

This afternoon I accompanied her shopping at Takashimaya (so that I can also run my errands, heh). Finally collected my very bright and shining necklace from Tiffany's cleaning service. I don't remember it being that shiny when I first received it though. I wonder how long it was on the plane as inventory before Ryo bought it. Then went to buy my dad's bday present as well, got him a belt. We wanted a wallet with belt set but all the sets either had horrible belts or horrible wallets. -.- In the end, I decided not to get any wallet. After that, I brought her to cold storage to get her souvenirs. Yeah, souvenirs from cold storage. She wanted to get Kaya back for her colleagues after trying Yakun Kaya and also Bak Kut Teh mixes etc. But cold storage doesn't sell the very delicous Prima Mixes!! grr. In the end, I just let her choose herself cos they had little local stuff that I could recommend.

After the souvenirs, we got late lunch at Pasta Cafe ^^ . My first time there after the renovations and I don't like it. The service was still good, the food also, but the menu became more local, and the place feels too modern, not cosy anymore. Everything too bright and shiny. Luckily, my favourite Sambal Marinara is still on the menu. :) After lunch, we took a cab back to her hotel (too heavy to shop anymore with her kaya bottles) and then just zobo there until HS picked us up to go to EcP for dinner. :p

*** Note to myself: I must finish watching The Forgotten! Watched the movie halfway on HBO in the hotel while waiting and I want to know the ending!

Dinner was quite quiet today, less people and less food but I guess the portion was just nice. Everyone had late lunches actually. After that, I still had to join my family at Jumbo for dinner so I also couldn't give my full power to the dinner.

It's hard to say goodbye. I guessed I had missed Maya in someway, and I could feel the tears welling if I really hugged her goodbye like last time b4 leaving Japan. (T.T) I guess its best to just wave and turn around quickly so that you don't allow yourself to feel the full impact of the separation.

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