Saturday, October 28, 2006

千二百二十八:Japan Sinking & More thoughts

It's a strange movie.

The disaster scenes are pretty well done actually. This whole idea of the movie/book based on geographical facts is pretty easy to swallow, especially since there really are such frequent earthquakes and there are a few live volcanoes in Japan still. hopefully, it's really just fiction. Or else one of the most beautiful countries culturally will just be wiped out from the map. Ahhh!! The love scenes were totally redundant though. No progression of the relationship, just suddenly asked the girl to leave with him and i was wondering, ay? Since when did she even said she liked him?? They should have just cut out those love scenes bah. Especially when she asked him to sleep with her and he started bawling. WAHAHAH!! That was the most duh scene. But all in all, think the scientific aspect of it is worth a look. The show reminds me of Armageddon and when he was going to put the drill thing through, I was almost expecting the song by Aerosmith to be played.

More thoughts from yesterday.

Problem 1, money. One of my major headaches after coming back. Since I had no job, no job = no money right? It was horrible actually, having to adjust from having $4k per month to having $0 and seeing my savings dwindle. Argh. But it got better recently, since I rarely go out except maybe 2 movies a month, no need to spend money on food and transport at all unless I’m outside, and no major expenses for the past 2 months liao, so almost all of the money going into savings after taking away insurance. Thanks to everyone who’s been really understanding about my finances at first, for their little treats and their kindness. Yup.. so this area is not causing me unhappiness anymore. But of course, not say I am happy with this as well la. Who wouldn’t be happier to have a little more money? :p Tomorrow, appearance.



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