Sunday, October 29, 2006

千二百二十九: 窒息


To suffocate or choke.

So far, in all the Furuhata episodes I watched, there hasn't been any suffocation, strangulation type of murder. All the murders are very direct. A blow to the back of the head, a knife to the neck or a gun at the heart. All the victims know and saw the murderers before they died. :(

Next chapter, Appearance.

Sighz, age is really catching up. The weather also. 最近pimples alot, due to haze, age and hormonal changes bah. Not happy, I guess at least I don't need to worry bout that much cos I don't need to face much people outside of my family. So the stress from there is down. I got abit chubbier around the cheeks, from so many meals per day at the office and I think I need to cut down on the rice intake liao. I guess the least is I am thankful that I have no very bad visible things in my appearance to be unhappy over though if there was more of the money, I can afford to go for more facials. hahahaha.


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