Friday, November 03, 2006

千二百三十四:The Departed

The movie was one of the best remakes i've seen so far. Somehow, the mafia feels alot more scary than the HongKong triads. Leo Dicaprio was great. He was really Tony Leung good in the show and I actually could feel him going mad. Unfortunately, the Kelly Chen role in the Departed was not developed further at the end. I wan to know what happens to her and who is the father!!

Abit late, dunno why all the movies i've been watching lately are 9pm++ shows at Vivocity. The volume of the movies are too loud there and the aircon very very very cold (my specs always fog up when i come out of the cinema) but the seats are very spacious. which is great cos people can go to the toilet easily and latecomers have a comfortable aisle to walk through. Got myself a v-neck sweater at Topshop (my first clothing piece bought in 4 months!), must find some occasion I can wear it in. I also made an appt for Next Tuesday to start with the braces. can't wait, but then this weekend I must EAT b4 i regret not having eaten. haha.


Anonymous Davmes said...

I can't wait for this movie to be shown on HBO. I'd always love Internal Affairs and watched all three episodes of it. Many are saying that's it's really good, so let's wait and see...

That's pretty fast of you to put on the braces.. many people has many different experiences with braces. Some are okay with it, good to go after a day or two, some find it really painful and need to revisit the dentist after a few days with very high frequencies of return... all the best to ya...

7:50 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

ah. then you'll probably wait til next year i guess? but I think it was better than Infernal affairs, the linking of the story. since their childhood etc was sort explained, there isn't a need for further sequels i think?

the braces.. hehe.. I actually dunno why I suddenly thought of doing it. but i also got the $3500, its monthly $100 after the deposit so I guess its not unaffordable le. :)

8:55 am GMT+8  
Anonymous Davmes said...

How much did you place your deposit? $1200? I was dumb to reject my parents' offer when they wanted me to put on braces while I was in secondary school. Scare of pain then. Heard alot of horror stories about braces. Now, gotta fork out own money, sad case... you are most probably correct, I might have to wait till next year, unless they tell me I'd failed my medical, I'll get it done soon...

1:05 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

oh .. i asked the doctor if i could pay the deposit half by half, and he was quite nice about it. So i said i would pay $600 on my first visit and the rest of the deposit ($600) on the 2nd visit and he agreed. :) ahh!! yah, should have taken up ur parents' offer. My parents couldn't have afforded to give both me and my sis braces so in the end we all didn't do to be fair.

2:07 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous suzee said...

hey..was just blog hopping and ended up here. and wat a freaky coincidence! i just called up the dentist @ gombak for a consultation this wk! Hehe. Well, just thot i'd drop by. Hopefully urs go well yah?

4:59 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

:) so qiao3!! thanks... gd luck for urs too!!

5:12 pm GMT+8  

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