Wednesday, November 01, 2006


my Gap shirt is pink. it was white. (T.T)

I don'T know how it happens, my red t-shirt always runs when my mom washes it. I have washed it thousands of times in Japan in the washing machine with other clothes and nothing happened b4. not once. She doesnt noe that you should separate darks and whites? a moment of laziness/ assumption that the shirt wont run cost 5 pieces of clothing their life, some which are not cheap. and she still asks why i keep wearing black. and my stupid sis took my GAP shirt and wore it w/o my permission. and she had to suayly throw it into that batch of unlucky clothing to wash and guess wat. it's of course ruined. i don't mind lending people clothes if they ask, but to take without asking and then ruin it!!! tmd! i am angry with her, cos i was thinking I thought i saw this shirt safely in my cupboard yesterday? KNS!!!

and I went to another Dentist today. yesterday's dentist called and quoted me $3800. frankly, I was shocked. of course, I began scouting around for other cheaper places on flowerpod. Apparently, the dentist at Bukit Gombak MRT had quite a good reputation and was about $3500 so I called and went there for a consultation. They took an xray and the dentist was really nice, explaining to me what needed to be done. They were flexible with the payment as well, and they explained to me more clearly the costs and the pros and cons of the different types of braces. I think I want to, but then I keep thinking do I need to? I can't imagine myself with straight teeth at all, dunno how it will look. If my bottom teeth are straight (now they are leaning towards my tongue), wont they hit the top teeth? hmm, at least i got time to decide, since i dun need to put the things to space out my teeth in preparation for the braces. cos I have too much gaps in my teeth liao.

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