Tuesday, October 31, 2006

千二百三十二:Say "Ahhh"

I went to the dentist this afternoon for polishing and spoke to the dentist about getting braces. She said that her husband was the one doing it, and I had to make a mould of my teeth. For $20, she made a cast of my teeth (it was like eating plasticine. ack) and she said the other dentist, her husband, would analyse that, and then inform me of price and schedule and the process before I had to decide. Hee.. so exciting! Been seeing so many people with straight teeth nowadays I was wondering if I was oversensitive or did everyone do their braces when they were schooling. A bit scared, cos I don't know whether it's really as terrible as everyone says, no more food but at least I hope this instils abit more discipline in me regarding care of my teeth. Of cos, the money is coming from my own pocket if I choose to do it, they need a payment of about $100 monthly, paid each time u go for a checkup, with an upfront deposit of some amount. Can't wait for the dentist to call me quickly! (^o^)


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