Friday, November 03, 2006

千二百三十五: Nolstagia

I was too sleepy last night, forgot to say we drove the Fong Seng for our dinner. It was actually an impulse decision, we were thinking that the AYE would jam on the way to Vivocity, so I decided to direct her to drive by the NUS way, to go by West Coast. Then we started to talk about Fong Seng and we decided to have our Nasi Lemak dinner there. haha. Luckily, we are still young enough for people to think we might be undergrads when we cut through Eusoff. :p hehe. despite her having a big tummy, maybe there are more cases of married and pregnant undergrads nowadays? heh.

today was a sleepy day at work.

I've totally forgotten bout the happiness problem. All the things I haven't talked about were the relationship stuff? Friends, Family and BGR. Friends, very few of them that I've met up with. After I came back from overseas, my circle of friends have shrunk dramatically. Nowadays I meet up with the same few people almost everytime I go out (I seldom go out anyway hah) which is not a bad thing, cos I only go out with the people I enjoy the company of anyway. (as mentioned in a long ago post) Family I see them 24-7 -.- and it is abit too much but I guess nowadays my priority is saving money and studying rather than go out to avoid quarrels. We still quarrel (me and my mom) but I guess the longer I'm back, the more I just clam up. BGR almost non-existent with the looks of it, contact is minimal. One or 2 emails a day? or less. I guess I'm used to that to be upset but its not the quantity of the contact i will be upset about, its what is said when we do finally talk that causes grief usually. oh well.

Weekend tomorrow. I have been looking forward to the chance to sleep in since monday. I need sleep!!!

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