Wednesday, November 08, 2006

千二百四十:I want some ice cream!

I did not bargain for this.

I can’t wash my face properly (especially under my nose cos if I scrub there, I could cause major ulcers by pushing my upper lip area onto the braces), I can’t apply my facial products properly too. Argh. My appetite is very good but I can’t bite! Grrr. I tried to lightly bite into my favourite vegetable stems last night and I felt my upper tooth nearly chip off when I managed to chomp thru on the first bite onto one of the brackets and of course a searing pain through my gums. Eek! So cham?! In the end, I could eat only rice, (cos I don’t chew my rice anyway) tung hoon, fishball and .. ice cream. Hahaha. An excuse for me to down ice cream as a proper meal. Basically, only things that weren’t crunchy were edible. I tried to eat water melon after the meal but apparently, that was unchewable too. When I brushed my teeth, it hurt like crazy (a very sore feeling in the teeth, maybe the teeth were actually being tightened liao) and at the end of it, I looked in the sink and saw a piece of vege, a grain of rice and a piece of 1 cm fish ball, all the remnants from my dinner had come out from my braces. -.- I guess I have to bring a toothbrush with me at all times liao… Also, my lips felt permanently dry (can’t close my mouth totally le) and my sister asked me why I was baring my teeth at her. Hahaha. I was doing that unconsciously I guess, trying to avoid contact of my lips with the braces. Ah. Never mind, a year will go by pretty fast. Maybe my teeth will miraculously move even faster? Hoho.

Anyway, I’m checking out air tickets for a trip in December. It’s abit of a hassle cos I can’t book yet, and the lower priced seats are going out fast. I should just go ahead and book it since there hasn’t been any call yet, they can’t expect me to put my life on hold just to wait for them I guess? Anyone want to go at the same period too? 21st Dec to 3rd or 4th Jan, I’m flying to Osaka/ Tokyo. If there are a few more people we can use the JAL or SQ promotion for those 2 to travel together or the 4 to travel prices. Tell me ok? Thai Airways has the cheapest tickets but they have to be booked by 14th Nov (Next Tuesday?) An impossibility. Sighz.


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