Tuesday, November 07, 2006

千二百三十九: Braces

I finally got them!


and my teeth are really super crooked after the braces are on. darn.

the process was weird. All I remember was the dentist keep saying "close your eyes!" and then they went on to stick the metal parts and the wire etc. He tried to extract the remnants of a back tooth but I dun think he succeeded. and then he said my canines were too small to attach the metal piece, so he skipped them until after my front 4 teeth were straighter and tighter.

I can only taste metal now. & I'm afraid if I bite anithing, the metal brackets will come off.

I got the yellow parts by accident. I thought it would be braces with rubber bands or something but apparently not, yet the dentist picked the brackets with yellow and red (very nice colours) dots on them. :) but seriously can't smile widely liao. shy and i think i look funny.


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