Monday, November 06, 2006

千二百三十八:Tomorrow is tuesday

so fast, tomorrow something life-changing will be done to me.

Like YY said, its a irreversible process. abit scared. but then I chose to do it myself. Hopefully it won't turn out like her fren who actually looked uglier after the whole process! hehe.

felt very very uncomfortable today. Still didn't sleep well, I kept dreaming and and woke up a few times again. headache at work and kept making stupid mistakes. Felt like shouting when they kept asking me questions about things that weren't my fault. I mean, I just type what's there, you blame me if I type wrongly cos I can't see your bad writing? ARgh.

There's a bugger who kept messaging me asking whether I am busy. I don't want to meet him at all, because he is the touchy feely type of person and just thinking of him makes me feel disgusted. Once I saw him 3 years ago and he saw me and we just said hi and he tried to put his hand around my waist while talking to me and I was thinking WTF?! and squirmed out of his way to a safe distance b4 making some excuses and escaping. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I hate to have physical contact with people I'm not close with, worse if it's a guy, these people really gross me out. even on the train or bus, I will try to have a safe space around me by sticking my feet or elbows out. I made it very clear that I don't want to meet him liao, yet he still keeps bugging me. How many times must a guy be turned down to get the message? I rejected at least 4-5 times when he messaged by saying, oh I'm busy, got other appts liao, blah blah. but he keeps messaging at least once a week like "still busy?" and if i don't reply him he will send msgs like "wei (oi)" and I just ignore of course. come on la. I hate it when people talk to me like we are very close/old friends when we are not very close, barely even, and worse still, act cute guys. already 30+++ still talk like that. yuck!!


Anonymous Davmes said...

So are you going for the yellow braces? You're going to bring sunshine to everyone you'd greeted with that braces.

I thought one effective way to shake somebody off is to ignore him/her totally. Reject his/her calls, ignore their SMS etc. But of course, some people aren't comfortable in doing that also. Tough eh? Be thankful that he isn't a stalker, at least.

3:41 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i'm back. i did get some yellow in the braces but it wasnt like the website we saw. I'll have the photo up.

Yah ... I'm learning that now. i hope he gets the hint.

5:29 pm GMT+8  

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