Wednesday, November 15, 2006

千二百四十八: Errands..

today was a mad rush.

I was worrying about having to bring tons of cash or that my acct not enuff money for the air tix payment and was wondering how I should pay, whats the limit by NETS etc. in the end i deposited everything into the OCBC acct and paid by nets both sides. unluckily, my ocbc card had a stupid 1k daily usage limit i didn't know about. HUH!??!? then i was like shit, how to get the other 100++ out? wat if the UOB one oso got limit?! then how to pay the left over money?? it was really qian1. at first the UOB NETs deduction worked fine, then the OCBC one didn't and I went to withdraw cash instead. so I came back, paid the cash and there was the remaining 100+ i couldn't withdraw. I told the girl to use the UOB nets to deduct and the NETS machine went bonkers and refused to let anything through. (No dial tone, out of range blah blah) in the end, the lady called her sup and asked if they could waive the surcharge on the remaining amt (not my fault mah) so i could pay it by credit card instead. hehehe. yay! can put off that 100+ payment until my next month's payday. thanks to my sis for loaning me cash first. -.- after the braces' deposit this month, my pocket'S abit tight.

after that delay while paying for the tickets, I had to rush down to funan to collect the gifts from Starhub. for re-contracting another 2 years, they gave me a Samsung mp3 player. one of the newest, can't remember the model, its 4GB and white and looks abit like the Nano. and oso a $100 robinson's voucher. hoho. Humid day today, and after that was abit running late for Japanese lessons le, so i walked all the way to opposite the Padang to take 167 to reach the building. dunno if thats actually nearer than taking MRT and then walking all the way to the exit of LauPaSat. hmmm. I'll check when i'm wearing more confortable shoes next time.

a little more than a month and i'll be getting hugs again! yay!!

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Anonymous Davmes said...

Mad rush... Could get a checking a/c next time, makes life easier... that's one thing I realised... Had similiar encounters before when I purchase computers at Sim Lim Square. But I wasn't that bad, I could still withdraw cash when my NETS limit went over..

I know how it feels to be waiting for that day when u can fly.. reminds me of the days when I can't wait to be in Jakarta, but not now anymore ;p

The last time I called Starhub for recontracting, I wanted a mp3. Instead, they said they are having the HP iPAQ promotion. Not too bad... but now, I need a mp3 player... my current player is down, and I am one person who cannot travel without music at my ears... hey, my birthday's coming! KNow my wish list, yea?

12:41 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

ahh.. sorry.. i promised the player to my sis already :p

but when's your birthday again? i cant remember.. hehe..

1:35 am GMT+8  
Anonymous Davmes said...

It pays to know...

8 December

Anyway, when's urs again? Oops... But if it pays to know, I rather be ignorant about it, haha

1:55 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...


28th September.....
oh .. yours is so soon? but i think u must have many friends to ceebrate with you right?

8:01 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Davmes said...

I guess so, if they plan something for me... but apparently, on the 8th Dec, I have to be involved in a role-playing rehearsal for Commissioning Parade that is to happen on the 9 Dec. So, no time off for me...
But I believe my friends will be out for dinner with me on the Sunday... and she'll be back!

12:17 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

oh haha. so u just needed her to be back for a happy birthday..

12:46 am GMT+8  

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