Saturday, November 11, 2006

千二百四十二:Sick sick sick


i am sick. with fever and flu. again. haha. i am weak i noe. can i blame it on the braces? the trauma it caused by depriving me of my food. hmm,. end up i am the person at fault. cos i made the decision. sighz.

i ate
1. Breakfast: Chee cheong Fun
2. Lunch: Fish Slice bee Hoon
3. Dinner: claypot bee hoon

haha. my menu is about fixed for breakfast and lunch. easiest to eat, dun hurt me and ok delicious i guess.

but there's improvement! i can finally chew my vege stems. the thinner ones though. and i tried a piece of sotong yesterday and after gnawing at it for a while, i decided to just swallow it pretty much whole. hah.

is it flinty to blog in one-sentence paragraphs?

i had a good rest last night. it might be due to the pills. i had a strange dream of CL and his delicious bod. but in my dream, i had such determination that i walked past him while ignoring him. haha. and then the part 2 of my dream, i was in japan. i was speaking jap! haha. wat a dream. i remember ryo asked me what language i dream in. English or chinese. now i can say jap oso. hehe. yah dreamt that i was with a bf (the person feels like a bf but dun think it was ryo hmm) , and he was so cute. hm. yah. thats all i'll say about him. oh. he reminded me of those guys in the boyband Kat-tun though. haha. and then i woke up at 12 noon today.

studying through the weekend i suppose. --cheers!

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